Travel with Tropical Soul

The tropics are a target of many different misunderstandings and miscommunications

A common Impression

One common impression people have about the tropics is that it tends to make people lazy. How can people say that if you live in the tropics, chances are pretty good that it’s lazy, backwards and poor. The old thesis behind these tropical development mindset is that when people live in colder climates like Northern America or Europe, you have to have advance planning. You have to plant a certain time, harvest a certain time and store your fruits so you don’t freeze and starve to death during the winter. Now if you reinforce this coping mechanism across a wide number of people over thousands of years, then you develop certain habits. The thinking here is that people from northern climates tend to save more money, they tend to be more future-oriented and tend to plan and set up goals resulting to be more successful as societies.

A lot is lost in translation because if you ever gone to a Scandinavian country or a Northern country, people tend to be cold, very aloof, and separated from each other. As much as possible, people would really like to just be on their own with one other person or their nuclear family. And this leaves a lot to translation because if you’ve gone to tropical country, it’s all about family. It’s all about getting together with a large group of people. Your identity is rooted in the group, not the other way around. Precise opposite of this is the Western character, particularly American which places a lot of emphasis on the individual. So, if you are looking to explore a different type of zone, check out the tropical zone.

It has a lot to offer. It gives you a new lease on life because you are able to look at life from a totally different way. You don’t have to plan several years ahead. It’s okay to live day by day. Of course you shouldn’t overdo it, you should still take care of yourself. This in any way, shape or form mean that you should be absolutely and totally irresponsible but by letting go, you’d be surprised as to how much you can find. By loosening up, you’d be surprised as to how much your mind and heart can carry in terms of truth. The tropical zone definitely has a lot to teach people from all over the world.

Great travel is truly a tonic for the soul. And we’re not just saying this because we are promoting a tropical island. Martinique can help you get in touch with your core. Its unfamiliarity and its distinct tropical charms can trigger lots of personal mindset changes. These changes can help you see your world, both the familiar and the unfamiliar, in a whole new way that can trigger creative bursts and changed perspectives. Do yourself a massive favor and step out of the shadow of the ordinary. You owe it to yourself.