The Tropics Is In The Heart

Now the title of this article is not gramatically incorrect

The Tropics

I’m talking about tropics as a collectively whole so you can use is. I don’t mean to be some grammar police here and don’t want to sound like some sort of gramatical stick up my butt but I just want to spell that out because we all have our stick up our butts when it comes to reality. We tend to perceive reality on some sort of formula that was passed on to us or something which we subconsciously absorbed along the way. It’s not something that we came up with, not a product of our own interaction with the world, it’s not something that is distinctly a reflection of what we experience, our reaction to the world or what is important to us. Instead it’s some sort of formula that is passed on from generation to generation, friend to friend, co-worker to co-worker.

This is not good because we cannot look at reality as some sort of meme, not the funny pictures that you see on Twitter and Facebook, but the idea where you basically inherit a world view, an attitude towards life, a set of preconceptions about how it is to be alive without thinking about it. It’s some sort of unconscious transfer. Life is not a meme, life is meant to be lived and it means it has to be challenged, it has to be confronted and a lot of things that you assume to be true are actually not true and are exaggerations or half truths. The more you challenge these things, the closer you are to really living life because we only live once.

Now, what does this have to do with the tropics being in the heart? When you go to the tropics, it’s very easy to become a tourist. For example, when you go to Boracay Island you can just basically go to the station one, camp out there and take a tricycle to Puka Beach, the other side of the Island, and call it a day. In other words, you visited a postcard. You go there with the preconception of what you need to see, so when you see it, you’re done. It’s kinda like a modern day version of the famous quote, “I came, I saw, I conquered”. When you look at that quote, it really is just derivative and exploitive.

You came there for yourself, you came there to take, to validate what you already have in your mind. You did not come there to be refreshed, to contribute and to be reborn. And that’s the essence of real travel because travel really is the reboot or reset button for the soul. People spend all these money earned from working hours just to go to travel only to corraborate this psychic postcard they have in their minds about the place that they’re visiting. Sacrificing all that time, effort and energy to produce the money to get there and then just go into that routine. That’s sad. It happens all the time.

If you really want to travel to the tropics, it has to start in your heart. It has to start in your attitude towards new experiences because the tropics by virtue of geography and history has its own story to tell. Unfortunately, this story is very easy to filter, we rob ourselves of this tremendous blessing of seeing reality from a different perspective. This is precisely the kind of change we need. Wherever you maybe or whatever you may do, you need those creative batteries to be recharged. It’s very hard to do that if you don’t click the reset button. The tropics is in the heart, but it’s not what you think it is.