The Secret Ingredient To Any Memorable Trip

You know the funny thing about reading travel brochures is that they have a formula.

The formula

The interesting thing about this formula is that it doesn’t dawn on you until you have read brochure after each brochure. This glossy pieces of paper are just telling the same story over and over again. They use the same props. If you’re looking to go to a tropical location, for example, you’ll see picture depicting sun, surf and sand. One picture would show people in bikinis, the next picture would show amazing blue water and an endless canopy of blue sky with a few really white and light clouds, the next page would involve some sort of water activity. All these look great in the eyes, they definitely present the right impression but they’re formulaic. It’s as if somebody came up with a template and everybody just ran with it. They would use different pictures, of course, but it really would all go back to the same place.

If you really want your trip to be memorable, you cannot use a template and a mindset that basically pulls you back to the same place over and over again. Do not stick to the marketed travel packages that offer five days, six nights, with itineraries, etc. That’s how people approach traveling but it is not travel. What you’re doing is you’re just going through a checklist. And you’re going through the checklist in a very program, calculated, and pre-packaged way. With travel tours, what you’re getting really is just a trip to one postcard after another. People tell you the scene trivia about the place, you can ask questions and people will try to impress you with little bits of fact they know about the place, proceed to the next spot after and it’s time to go back home.

It has a lot to offer. It gives you a new lease on life because you are able to look at life from a totally different way. You don’t have to plan several years ahead. It’s okay to live day by day. Of course you shouldn’t overdo it, you should still take care of yourself. This in any way, shape or form mean that you should be absolutely and totally irresponsible but by letting go, you’d be surprised as to how much you can find. By loosening up, you’d be surprised as to how much your mind and heart can carry in terms of truth. The tropical zone definitely has a lot to teach people from all over the world.

Great travel is truly a tonic for the soul. And we’re not just saying this because we are promoting a tropical island. Martinique can help you get in touch with your core. Its unfamiliarity and its distinct tropical charms can trigger lots of personal mindset changes. These changes can help you see your world, both the familiar and the unfamiliar, in a whole new way that can trigger creative bursts and changed perspectives. Do yourself a massive favor and step out of the shadow of the ordinary. You owe it to yourself.