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We live in Martinique Island and it is really an amazing place and thankfully we have a network of people visiting the island who love to share their adventures and their stories. This website is a love letter to this amazing piece of real estate in our corner of the globe, It may not be the biggest island, not even the biggest dollar earner but what’s important is the riches of this island goes beyond what you can see. It is all about having Martinique in the soul and thankfully we are blessed with the fellowship and friendship of people from all over the world and from all walks of life who love this island.

We have put together this website to act as an online community. People share their resources, their personal stories as well as their adventures. Feel free to share your particular take on Martinique Island. It is okay if you say your piece that is not really positive for us, we can handle it. We have a firm belief that as long as people are free to express their genuine emotions, there is opportunity for real dialogue that enables mutual growth. The worst thing that can happen as far as personal growth is concern is people censor themselves, they don’t grow intellectually, you low yourself off from potential emotional growth. There’s no need to be afraid here.

We love people talking about our corner of the world because it really is an amazing place, it’s distinct, it’s unique and we’d love to encourage the global community of the people who care about it. Now, you may care about it enough to criticize it and that’s perfectly okay. It also has more than fair share of fans. Another way you can help us involves debugging our technical issues. If you click on a link and it goes nowhere, do speak up. Fill up the form below and let us know what happened.

Do us a big favor and adequately describe what happened before you see the error and what happened when you did something. Describe fully what you did and then let us know what the error was. While we cannot promise that this would be the highest priority, we will do our best efforts to resolve the issue, sooner either than later. Another way you can contribute is to spread the word about this website. We’ve been on Facebook pages and groups for a long time and we are happy to report that a lot of people on facebook actually have been to Martinique Island or think of visiting. We know that other social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter have more than their share of people who either are curious about Martinique Island or who have actually gone there. Do us a favor and share whatever content you like on this website, on those platforms and many others. Whatever social media you are on, please feel free to share about this amazing resource, about a truly one of a kind island.