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A very beautiful Island

It is a very beautiful island and a lot of travelers from all over the world have visited this place. It is not as popular as many other remote tropical locations, but there is something distinctive, charming and all too unforgettable about this historic island.

One reason people are drawn to it is its remoteness which draws our romantic side. It’s easy to figure that out. For example, if you’re traveling to Paris, you would quickly realize that you’re not the first person to think of visiting the city of lights the moment you get there. This is a very romantic city. A lot of newlyweds from all over the world spend their honeymoon there, people are bringing their families there, it’s like an obligatory and customary stop when going to France. It’s common to see people taking selfies and all sorts of shots like portraying themselves pushing against the tower or putting it in the palm of their hands when you walk around the base of the Eiffel Tower.

As the old saying goes ‘familiarity’ breeds contempt. If you are going to be visiting a place everyone you know has visited, it is not new territory. There is no appeal left. Sure, it might have a great reputation but there is something lost in translation. This is what is so awesome about martinique. It truly is off the beaten path. And even if people have visited this place, there are many different spots on the island. It offers many different angles. You can definitely position the places you check out in a different way.

Different Experience

New Experiences

There is something to be said about new places and new experiences. These are what you get when you come to our island. The experience enables you to truly feel you are traveling to some place special. You don’t get the impression that you are looking at a postcard that’s been passed around for so long or you are staring into an Instagram photo that tons of people all over the world has liked. Instead, you feel like you are experiencing something that is uniquely yours.

Travel Value

That is cute and awesome, but you probably would think that there’s more to your Paris vacation than simply doing what every other tourist is doing. This is precisely the kind of travel value that Martinique and other remote islands offer. You would get to come up with some profound insights about your life, about the good life and about living in general and you get to travel properly.

Tourist trap

The problem with going to tourist hotspots like the Pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu in South America, Bangkok, Thailand, the Colosseum in Rome and the Eiffel Tower in Paris is that you fall into a common tourist trap. The tourist trap that we talk about here is not about buying of all sorts of things commemorating your visit such as trinkets, key chain, refrigerator magnet and realize the lie when you see the phrase boldly and clearly embodied: “Made in China”. The tourist trap that I’m talking about has something to do with imagination of all sorts of things about a distant place and then going there only to find out that it doesn’t fit your preconceptions.


At this point, you have two options: you can choose to enjoy things based on what you actually see and experience or insist to conform to your pre-existing idea. This is called tourist mindset or a postcard mindset. You expect these exotic places to possess all these fantasy ideas you have about that place. You’re not going to a place that has its own agenda but in actuality, you are going to that place to vindicate, justify, or otherwise corroborate the ideas you already have about that place.

No matter

Even if it does not match your ideas as far as local geography, culture and history are concerned, but none of that matters to you. You were there to validate what you think you already know. This happens all the time, people think this way when it comes to travelling. Instead of real travel, they are tourists that are looking for glorified 3D versions of the postcards they have already in mind.


The great thing about remote places like Martinique, they are essentially immune to that stuff. Why? This place is really remote and the stuff that you hear about online are usually from people who do not have this postcard mindset. So if you are looking for a raw, unvarnished and closer to the truth kind of experience, then you might want to visit really remote vacation destinations like Martnique Island.

It has many areas that are so raw, undeveloped and wild, this may sound a bit dangerous, but it actually opens a tremendous opportunity. Instead of you always going to different places to validate what you think you already know, you are forced to come to your senses and confront reality based on its own terms. And that might be just the amazing, reinvigorating and reviving experience you need to start looking at the rest of your life with the fresh set of eyes.

Don't be surprised!

Don’t be surprised if you come back home feeling more energized and you are ready and eager to live fully, to step past the predictable, the routine and the boring. That’s awesome, right? That’s exactly the kind of personal change that travelling to places like Martinique Island can help bring into your life.

We have many visitors email us telling us of the amazing ‘reboot’ they experienced when they visited our island. Some say that their lives have never been the same again. It really all boils down to getting a new fresh set of eyes. You may be dealing with the old, the routine, the familiar but if you change your mindset, everything is new again. Everything can be fresh, exciting, and engaging. And all you need is a change in space. Never underestimate the power of travel to change you both within and without.


How to pick the right gifts for vapers

As vaping becomes more popular in Western Europe and the US, it has become more common to try and find vaping related gifts. A lot of people are under the impression that these accessories must be all about preparing the online brand vape juice, storing it or otherwise helping you carry around your vaping equipment and other paraphernalia. Absolutely wrong.

You have to understand that vaping is a lifestyle. Accordingly, there are many accessories that would go with that lifestyles. These don’t necessarily have anything to do with carrying around stuff or transporting stuff or making sure that your vaping supplies stay in tiptop shape and quality. It doesn’t have to deal with any of that.

In fact, the whole definition of accessory is all about projecting the right attitude. It’s all about manifesting your personality to the world. You may be into certain kinds of activities. Maybe you’re a smoker. Maybe you’re a dancer. And accessories really send off signals that highlight not only those activities, but goes beyond them. Accessories really act like some sort of gateway for your personality or at the very least, your persona.

There is a big difference between your persona and your personality. Your personality is all about who you are and how you actually do things. Your persona is in equal parts what other perceive you to be. Maybe they think you are a very wild and crazy person. Maybe they think you’re a very smart, deep and fearless thinker who doesn’t care what other people think.

Whatever the case may be, your persona and your personality are often caught in an interplay that is not always symbiotic and smooth. Accessories do a good job of bridging who you think you actually are or who you should be. Funny how that works, right?

Choose very carefully because the accessories that you buy as you vape or as you use e-liquids can send signals that may or may not line up with the kind of personality you have. Do yourself a big favor. A little bit of consistency goes a long way because let’s face it, people love integrity. People love to see it when people actually walk their talk and people actually can be counted on to behave a certain way because that’s their personality. That’s who they are. That’s what they’re about.

The more integrity you have, the more you draw other people. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a lot of fans. Instead, you will have a lot of admirers. At the very least, a lot of people would trust you. Take it for what it is. Vape accessories can definitely go a long way in helping you increase your personal sense of integrity or at the very least, it would enhance other people’s perception of integrity in your life.

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